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(me at my Instagram photoshoot)
What to say, what to say??

Hi I'm Tomi, welcome to my little space on the internet :)

 This blog is just where I put down all the things that I love, things that inspire me and things I would forget about if I didn't write them down! 

Sooo 3 random facts about me:

1) I smile/laugh A LOT. Not like a crazy person or anything, I'm not like The Joker from Batman...but I am a bit of a class clown (bah dum tshhh!) I just like to laugh, and make other people laugh, because why not? Laughing is good for you. If you do find any of my posts funny (preferably the ones that are meant to be funny) then you are most welcome. If you don't find them funny then that's fine too...a little bit awkward maybe, but still fine (..."why so serious?!" OK I'm done)

2) I'm a bit of a 'learning' nerd. Almost all my YouTube subscriptions and Pinterest pins are based on how to do stuff, whether it be beauty, hair, style, cooking, life hacks (I'm recently came across a video called 'How To Cut Rope In An Emergency'- not sure what emergency I am going to be in that I will need to know how to cut rope, but you never know). So from time to time you might see a 'how-to' post on here based on all my new-found knowledge :)

3) I love to be inspired. Anything that makes me want to get off Instagram to go and take a look at my life usually gets a lot of my attention. I admire entrepreneurs and talented people that take a risk in putting themselves out there to pursue their ambitions. Whenever I get a chance to feature people like this on my blog, I definitely will, so look out for interviews and special features of emerging talents!

All in all I hope you like what you see ;) Thanks in advance for visiting my blog!
Tomi xx